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Why Do you think that every successful business needs a mobile app? It’s simple. These days the major browsing is happening over the handpicked device, and the applications are specifically designed to work on mobile devices. That is pretty simple and enjoyable for the customers as well. Our team comprises of skilled app-masters in Design, Development and UX . We can build app for smartphone users that will fulfill their needs. Mobile application development is more about creating the right information architecture, designing lovable UI and building it on robust platform.


App Effectiveness

Our team knows that app is only useful when it simplifies the lives of your user base. We keep an eye on your target consumer and their needs so that we can help them by creating an app to serve their purpose. Our team only thinks about the consumers all through, to provide the best app while designing, developing and UX testing processes. A good app always helps the user to do things easily.

  • Hybrid and Native apps
  • Business Apps
  • Client Server Apps
  • Facebook authenticated Apps
  • Apple Pay
  • Internet of Things (IoT) apps
  • Game Apps
  • Web Integrated Apps
  • Content Management Apps
  • Push Notification Apps



At Cingant, our prime aim has always been offering value for money without compromising with quality. We cater primarily for two major mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS.

We make use of Microsoft development tool kit which allows us to take the leverage of.NET & C# and simulteneously deploy to android and iOS platforms. Our app can competently interect with both phone and tablet hardware. This actually creates an app that is just perfect for all platforms. This cuts down on the cost and development time.


The prime concern always is understanding the project scope precisely as there lies many stages which on later part might not be delivered perfectly with poor understading. This is where we talk with each other, do brain storming, discuss the feasibility of the app marketing wise and so on. Once done we move onto prototype building and you can finally see things put into real shape.

This prototype is where you point to us what you want to change or add new things if applicable. This actually defines how the final app will look and work. From UI to functionality part everything is discussed and reviewed in this stage.


  • Conception – Anything starts with a raw idea. We make sure to refine the whole things and and create a robust base for the app.
  • UI and Design – In this stage we create User Experience (UX) of the app along with the layout and its working mode. Once done, we make the User Interface (UI) of it with the support for UI designer and visualizer.
  • Development Phase – Simply put, the coding and integration is done in this stage. QA is done to eradicate flaws and bugs. Generally before full launch beta phase is shown in the frame.
  • Ttransfering the full Intellectual Property (IP) Rights of the app to client.
  • We make sure to offer you full fledged training of the app. Mostly its not required as our apps are crafted for ease of use, but we don't mind few more coffees together.
  • We offer ongoing support as per the service level agreement (SLA). You can talk to our developers via support.

The Key

The user friendly interface with customisable CMS is the base of any app success that we provide. We do media and content updates in all app platforms.

Application Commerce

A robust framework used for delivering fine mobile commerce apps. Retail experience redefined.

Smart App Url

One-click mobile app downloading. There is no need for using email or web for downloading via multi-platform.


Experinced in multi-components for catering to any industry needs. Our app development process complements your future digital endeavours.