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By offering an unmatched system that automates cash handling activities at both the point of sale and back-office environments, Cingant emerged as a key player in transforming the cash management practices of organizations. Throughout the whole cash management process, this creative solution guarantees the highest levels of security and effectiveness.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Cash Management

    Primary offerings: Cash management solutions

    Geographical reach: Lithuania, Germany, Italy

    Cash Management Equipment Portal

Strong Point provides retailers with a holistic and seamlessly integrated technological solution, enhancing productivity and elevating the overall in-store shopping experience. Their diverse range of offerings encompasses cash management, self-service solutions, loss prevention measures, electronic labeling systems, and electronic suits for optimized store operations. Furthermore, they boast a dedicated division that specializes in Bank Neutralization System technology, ensuring the secure transportation of cash assets without the reliance on costly security measures.


Increased ROI through Paid Ad Service

Strong Point sought an all-encompassing digital promotional strategy designed to generate a consistent stream of conversions, comprehensively analyze audience behavior and response, and optimize their positioning at the forefront of paid advertising listings. Their primary focus was on targeting the financial sector, including banks, ATMs, and key decision-makers within the retail industry in Germany and Italy.


Conversion focused Pay-Per-Click

Our campaign aims to boost the conversion rate while expanding awareness of Strong Point's products and services to a larger, targeted audience. We have implemented a comprehensive paid marketing strategy that revolves around understanding audience behavior and delivering advertisements based on search intent. Our approach involves conducting extensive audience research to determine the most effective methods of reaching the desired target market. This includes launching multiple landing pages that undergo continuous optimization, incorporating specific keywords frequently used by the target audience when searching for similar products.

Business impact

The campaign encompasses the entirety of the German and Italian regions, and the business volume resulting from this strategic approach continues to experience substantial growth.