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Robust School Management Software

DAIZIK is upcoming school management software aimed towards catering the finest features of school management, teachers and students simultaneously while bridging the gap of the operation of the education institution


To make sure the system if user-friendly handing wise and functionality rich

DAIZIK got in touch with Cingant in early 2016 that discussed about how to make a platform that acts as a simple yet most powerful platform for every layer of any school/college operation and add to the credibility of the institution and give a digital touch through the process.


A thorough UI strategy, Functionality mapping, integrating the solutions and Building optimized system for all

In the initial phase we had made sure through brain storming and possible ways to frame the whole things. Build rough UI sketches and defines information architecture of the same while keeping the logic sensible. Once doe with the planning and research stage we gathered the information and gave a nod to the UI team to visualize the whole platform.


We had to keep in mind the brand in mind and accordingly place every element in their place. The later stage called into the coders and engineers to frame the backbone of the platform and synch it with the UI. The whole user journey was defined.

  • School Administration Module
  • Family Module
  • Student Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Parents Module
  • Library Management
  • Examination Management
  • Teacher Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Notice-Event Module
  • Holiday Module
  • Payment Module
  • Reports
  • Employee Salary Module
  • Question uploading system using OCR


How we made a difference

Within the first 2 weeks of there has been visible progress in the student progress in all around activities along with studies with structured report monitoring system in place along with getting parents in the loop. Overall it created a win-win situation for everyone.


  • The school management saved about 42% man-hour in just 3 weeks
  • Students attendance grown up to 21% in just 3 weeks