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Travel Portal with a difference

It's a complete blend of technology and art. We crafted a visual system that focused on desktop and as well as mobile-first design and research-proven navigation—all with the goal of elevating the brand's digital presence in the travel world.


To make sure the portal is user-friendly with easy access to travel options

The prime concern was having too many me too portal’s in the same space, so somehow we have to make it stand out and in the same time make it with credibility. The research phase was pretty long for this project in which members from both client end and development end sat together and brain stormed. The results are pleasingly surprising.


Getting the UI together with the mobile & web faces

Thorough user testing of multiple navigation systems across the platforms allowed us to vet the best solution to guide the user to their desired destinations. The new navigation works with and for the user. We used LAMP technology along with JQueries/ Ajax and of course MYSQL as database for this wonderful portal.


How we made an impression in a unique sector

The portal is considered one of the fastest gainers in the region and is going great business wise. The mobile face of the portal is seamless and attracts major attraction.


  • The portal recorded a 27% growth in online booking within launch of 3 months