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Cingant was a key player in the transformation of a Lithuanian company that sold and distributed fruit plants and gardening supplies into an online business that specialized in the sale of plants and nursery goods.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Plant sellers

    Primary offerings: Plants and gardening accessories

    Geographical reach: Across Lithuania


The business prospered in its local market by selling fruit trees and garden supplies. However, they attempted to broaden their reach after realizing there was room for expansion and a larger customer base. They quickly understood that digitalization was the key to achieving their goals.

A comprehensive strategy that incorporates centralized administration, improved communication, and seamless service is required while growing a corporation. Understanding this, the company aimed to discover an online marketplace that would streamline their plant ordering and delivery operations, providing a singular solution to their needs.


Cingant recognized their unique needs and met them by providing state-of-the-art digital solutions for effective product sales and quick order fulfillment. We created a cutting-edge, flexible, and cost-effective e-commerce platform that is ideally suited to their particular business needs. These characteristics included:

  • Dynamic e-commerce website
  • Acquire a cutting-edge and intuitive e-commerce solution that facilitates the sale of products to an expanded customer base.

  • Unlimited product listing
  • Empower business owners to effortlessly showcase their comprehensive range of offerings.

  • SEO friendly
  • Rest assured of attaining a prominent position in organic search results.

  • Admin dashboard
  • Maintain absolute control over your business operations through a comprehensive management interface.

  • Easy payment gateway
  • In addition to simplified booking and ordering procedures, enjoy a flexible and seamless checkout experience.

  • Business Impact
  • Their local business was transformed by Cingant into a sophisticated and cutting-edge internet marketplace.

    We gave the company the tools they needed to widen their audience, dominate top search results, attract more clients, streamline delivery processes, and increase income generating.

    Their joy and contentment with this transforming journey has no bounds, filled with additional consumer potential, business expansion, and augmented revenue sources.

    The platform offers centralized access to information and data, available to administrators, faculties, and learners anytime and anywhere through their respective panels.

  • A Comprehensive Solution for Business Advancement
  • Over the course of a decade, we have established enduring partnerships. Join forces with Cingant to cultivate mutual trust and foster unparalleled growth.