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We worked on the Nurvv project for a prominent UK-based company. We were tasked with developing a breakthrough software product for devoted runners, and we meticulously crafted a cutting-edge mobile application that flawlessly interacts with their modern hardware. This innovative collaboration is set to redefine the running experience for athletes worldwide.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Information Technology

    Primary offerings: Sporting goods, Wearable Running Technology

    Geographical reach: Across the globe


Utilizing a novel strategy, the NURVV Run system makes use of pressure insoles and motion sensors built right into the hardware to record important aspects of a runner's technique, beginning with the feet. Comprehensive software was necessary to properly evaluate and report the gathered data on external devices. NURVV was looking for a partner who could not only create software and a mobile application, but also guarantee its usability, cutting-edge functionality, and suitability for elite runners.


Cingant embraced the opportunity and delivered a unique mobile application that gave NURVV's customers unrivaled running insights. Comprehensive information is seamlessly presented on mobile devices through rigorous analysis of BLE signals received by the hardware. This ground-breaking software solution can analyze detailed running data for up to 40 miles, making it suitable for professional athletes. Additionally, it features advanced injury risk management and real-time coaching, making it a standout tool for runners of all skill levels.

The features and functionalities

  • Extended Distance Analysis:
  • This cutting-edge software possesses the remarkable ability to analyze running data spanning up to 40 miles solely through the utilization of BLE signals, setting it apart from the competition.

  • Real-time Coaching:
  • Empowering users with an ever-present personal trainer, accessible through Android or iOS platforms, ensuring guidance and support during every stride.

  • Injury Risk Mitigation:
  • Safeguarding the well-being of users by providing timely notifications and expert advice on mitigating potential injury risks, fostering a safe running experience.

  • Running Health Assessment:
  • Leveraging form and load metrics derived from recent runs, this advanced technology generates a personalized Running Health Score, offering valuable insights into one's overall running fitness.

  • Business Impact
  • We are really pleased of the outstanding backend architecture our skilled team created for NURVV, which has revolutionized the personalization and improvement of their athletic offering. There is no doubting the possibility of rapid expansion and wide-spread acclaim with the launch of our state-of-the-art software and the smooth integration of their amazing hardware.

  • A Comprehensive Solution for Business Advancement
  • Over the course of a decade, we have established enduring partnerships. Join forces with Cingant to cultivate mutual trust and foster unparalleled growth.