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The story of Chef Revival

Chef Revival was founded in 1986 by chefs who after years of working long hours in uncomfortable uniforms were determined to develop a line of chef apparel that performed as well as it looked. Today's Chef Revival team work closely with chefs in working foodservice operations to continually develop new products and features to help chefs look and perform their best. We repositioned the brand's social strategy with a new campaign framework that elevates their messaging and visuals to the same level as their products.


To find the right solution for the vendor

The stake was high and demand challenging, but with planning and strategic moves forward the site has been shaped within 2 months. The end-product was much more robust than client’s expectation.


Right scripts, Proper Research and Happy Customer

We created their site in Magento and provided them with a platform of selling their customized apparels, uniform and dresses for the chefs around the globe. We did this in addition to customize the Magento backend that looks as good as the front of the site.

The CMS we developed gives Chef Revival control over merchandising and flexibility in the design so that the homepage feels fresh every time.


We made them proud industry leader

They are now recognized around the world as the industry's leading premium brand of chef apparel.


  • The portal recorded a 19% growth in online orders within launch of 1 months