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Beon The Gridis a North Carolina based startup, envisioned to build a mobile healthcare communication platform. The goal was to bridge the information gap among the doctors, patients, and other value chain players in the medical and healthcare ecosystem. The intended outcome was to help physicians maximize revenue, improve care coordination, eliminate clinical silos, and improve healthcare outcomes of patients. The business idea attracted invested interests and Beon The Grid has been able to secure $1 Million in Series A Funding to date.


The visionary platform required integration of multiple mobile and web technologies. The platform requirements were constantly changing and the Cingant team had to reach an extra mile in order to meet the time-to-market needs of the customer. The platform development started with a prototype of the entire system, which eventually evolved to a larger application. Stakeholder’s real input constantly fed into the system design, to ensure product market fit. However, such development processes required a very robust change management process and great cross border communication- a problem that was evolved by constant communication between Cingant and DocsInk.


From the beginning, the team worked to make the system scalable, from database to the functional level. The development team had to put in good effort to understand and implement the changing requirements and specifications. The team had to cope with the highly dynamic requirements, and put their best foot forward for rapid implementation. The Cingant R&D; team got involved and worked parallel with the development team in introducing the latest technology and made it successful. Since it was agile development process, the development did not stop for technical challenges. Rather the R&D; team helped them for different technical challenges that the developer faced during the implementation.