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We worked on Dekoforma project for a Lithuanian-based Interior design company. We were tasked with creating a superior infrastructure for the website to avoid ddos attacks.

We undertook the Dekoforma project for an interior design company based in Lithuania. Our task was to develop a high-quality website infrastructure that would effectively safeguard against ddos attacks. Just like our previous collaboration, we dedicated ourselves to creating an innovative infrastructure that ensured the stability and security of the website.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Interior design industry

    Primary offerings: new constructions, various types of reconstructions

    Geographical reach: Lithuania


The company's website was frequently experiencing downtime due to external attacks, particularly from massive bot traffic. Our objective was to develop a high-quality website infrastructure with superior security measures, leveraging AWS implementation.

The primary challenge was to address the persistent issue of DDoS attacks and create an infrastructure that effectively prevented bot traffic from disrupting the website's operations. By implementing a robust infrastructure, we aimed to ensure the stability and security of the website, minimizing the impact of bot attacks.


To combat the frequent DDoS attacks, we designed a robust system that could handle high volumes of traffic while effectively identifying and mitigating malicious bot activity. By leveraging the scalability and resilience of AWS services, we ensured that the website remained accessible and operational even during peak periods.

Our solution included the implementation of advanced security measures, such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, web application firewalls, and traffic monitoring systems. These measures were put in place to identify and block suspicious bot traffic, providing enhanced security for the website.

Furthermore, we conducted thorough testing and optimization to fine-tune the infrastructure and ensure its seamless performance. We worked closely with the DevOps team to implement monitoring and alerting systems, enabling them to proactively detect and respond to any potential security threats or anomalies.

This infrastructure not only enhanced the website's overall performance but also significantly improved the website's stability, availability, and overall security, ensuring a seamless experience for users and safeguarding the company's online presence.

Business impact

The implemented solution had a significant positive impact on the Dekoforma’s business. It made sure that the website was more secure, stable, and available, which improved client happiness and trust in the business. The corporation could focus more on its core business operations and draw in new customers by reducing external attacks and obstructing bot traffic. In general, the solution helped company to flourish and succeed.