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Cingant has developed a groundbreaking application tailored for logistics and carrier service providers based in Lithuania. This innovative solution empowers businesses to monitor real-time driver activities, ensuring intelligent and punctual delivery services.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Logistics and carrier

    Primary offerings: Cargo transportation

    Geographical reach: Vilnius and Lithuania

    Number of Employees: 21

    Company Location: Lithuania (Eastern Europe)


Within Vilnius and throughout Lithuania, the company has developed a reputation for providing quick and secure cargo transportation services. The manual maintenance of data, task assignment, and scheduling, however, became time-consuming and difficult as operational needs increased. In order to centralize customer and driver data and automate numerous procedures, they looked for a comprehensive solution.

Logistics managers were spending anywhere from 2 to 6 hours daily devising delivery routes for multiple vehicles. Additionally, managers expended significant time on communication and troubleshooting tasks, impeding overall efficiency.

The business looked for a software application that would take care of their problems and streamline processes in order to overcome these challenges and improve customer experiences.


After understanding the client's needs, Cingant set out to conceptualize a cutting-edge logistics solution suited to their particular organizational requirements. The planned app seeks to concentrate and manage essential data and information effectively while providing a number of improved functions, including fleet information, warehouse data, and personnel records. The app's main features are as follows:

  • Unlimited service listing
  • Business owners have the capability to effortlessly upload comprehensive listings of all the services they offer.

  • Smart Routing
  • Maximum daily deliveries may be made using the sophisticated "Fleets Manager" smart routing algorithm, resulting in an amazing 21% revenue boost.

  • Admin dashboard
  • An all-inclusive administrative dashboard empowers effective management of tasks, customer orders, and more, providing comprehensive control over operations.

  • Smart allocation of tasks
  • Task distribution is revolutionized by the FleetsManager software, which provides both manual and automatic distribution based on the location and workload of the drivers. The difficulties and administrative burden of work assignment are removed by this ground-breaking innovation.

  • Push notifications
  • Engage with customers through targeted push notifications delivered directly to their smartphones, fostering effective communication and customer interaction.

  • GPS integration
  • Seamless integration with GPS technology enables swift and accurate delivery address identification.

  • Real-time SMS notification
  • Customers receive real-time confirmation SMS notifications through the application, ensuring constant updates as their orders progress.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Access real-time updates on delivery arrival times and easily monitor the progress of each delivery.

  • Proof of delivery
  • The Fleets Manager drivers' app enables drivers to capture proof of delivery through customer signatures, GPS location verification, and even photographs, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence.

  • Business Impact
  • Cingant has facilitated the seamless optimization of the company's logistics and transportation services, effectively addressing their challenges, attracting a larger customer base, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The implementation of our solution has eradicated any communication gaps or pending updates, while the integration of route-finding capabilities and live tracking has significantly improved service quality. Clients are promptly notified of any schedule changes or emergencies, ensuring minimal delays. Our contributions have resulted in an elevated customer experience and unprecedented ease in warehousing management and monitoring.

    A Comprehensive Solution for Business Advancement

    Over the course of a decade, we have established enduring partnerships. Join forces with Cingant to cultivate mutual trust and foster unparalleled growth.