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Cingant has innovated a comprehensive learning management solution tailored for BMI School, enabling them to manage and improve many parts of their school with ease. This includes facilitating online classes, delivering comprehensive courses, managing teachers, and administering examinations.

    Client's Background

    Industry: Corporate training

    Primary offerings: Executive MBA degree for ambitious managers and entrepreneurs

    Geographical reach: Brussels, Belgium

    Number of Employees: 30


With a rich history spanning over two decades, the company has been delivering courses worldwide. They wanted to combine eLearning capabilities with conventional teaching techniques as part of their ongoing expansion. Their requirements involved online training, ongoing evaluation processes, automated individual and group performance reports, class creation, assignment management, quiz administration, surveying course progress, and more.

Administrative work proved difficult and time-consuming, and costs associated with admitting foreign teachers and setting up conference rooms increased. Additionally, it was difficult to find adequate locations with the amenities needed to hold classes.

To overcome these challenges, the business looked for a strong learning platform that would resolve the above-mentioned problems, improve training opportunities, and reduce expenses and other overheads.


Cingant thoroughly analyzed and grasped the client’s needs, which led to the conception of an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) that organizes all training resources in a cloud-based environment. Introducing Flipclasses, a superb solution that aims to completely transform the fields of learning, training, and education. Key elements consist of:

  • Streamlined Content Publication:
  • Our primary focus was on simplifying the content creation and publishing process within the platform.

  • Efficient Learner Registration:
  • The platform enables swift registration, allowing administrators to assign learners to specific programs or courses with just a single click.

  • Robust Course Design Capabilities
  • Administrators and course content designers are granted exclusive access to the platform, empowering them to design courses, schedule classes, and organize course materials.

  • Seamless Teacher Login
  • Teachers can effortlessly log in to the platform to manage their teaching materials and prepare content. Additionally, they can interact with their respective class students through the platform.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Our platform diligently tracks the overall class progress as well as individual advancements in training and assessments.

  • Both side feedback
  • The platform fosters feedback from both trainers and learners, encouraging an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.

  • Both side feedback
  • The platform fosters feedback from both trainers and learners, encouraging an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.

  • Access Control
  • Administrators can create multiple trainer accounts and assign them to specific programs. Faculty members gain access to content, learners, and reports related to their designated program. Similarly, learners obtain access to course content tailored to their needs.

  • Video Training Sessions
  • Both sales and technical teams are equipped with dedicated iOS and Android mobile applications, enabling convenient performance of daily tasks and reporting. Branches and corporate offices can access data uploaded through these apps. Furthermore, faculties can conduct live video training sessions for groups of up to 20 learners via the platform.

  • Business Impact
  • Cingant has facilitated the seamless implementation of online classes for the company, eliminating the need for faculty travel, conference room bookings, and faculty accommodations. This has resulted in the following impactful outcomes:

    Irrespective of the number of courses or registered learners, the business now allocates resources to training initiatives efficiently, assuring consistency and quality.

    By reducing the expenses associated with travel, conference room rentals, and faculty accommodation, the company achieves effective training outcomes while optimizing costs.

    The platform offers centralized access to information and data, available to administrators, faculties, and learners anytime and anywhere through their respective panels.

    Automation capabilities allow for the creation of analytical reports, giving stakeholders the power to decide more quickly and effectively, which enhances the effectiveness of training.

    The platform facilitates global course offerings and training initiatives, significantly saving time for all involved stakeholders.

    A Comprehensive Solution for Business Advancement

    Over the course of a decade, we have established enduring partnerships. Join forces with Cingant to cultivate mutual trust and foster unparalleled growth.