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Easy Tips on Improving Your eCommerce Website Performance

Posted on July 2023

Now, it’s almost impossible to think of a business without an e-commerce portal. Feature rich and UI balanced ecommerce website with exciting offers is not sufficient to give fight back to the competition.

There are endless instances where you can see websites receive dizzying amount of traffic but very few numbers of them are able to make their visitors to the take intended actions. So it’s not hard to assume that online optimization of ecommerce website and shaping the website into saleable object is not very easy but difficult in reality. In this blog we’re going to discuss how to improve performance of an ecommerce website.

Clearly explained goal of an e-Commerce

Everybody knows that an eComemrce website is meant for direct selling and has a list of products showcased; but many fail to provide the exact need of their potential customers. Visitors come by being lured to the rich images but fly away as soon as they’re deprived from their need. Thus it’s important to have a clear and well explained products goal on the site. So it helps to serve the need of the business along with the needs of targeted audience.

Boost up page loading speed:

User experience differs with every website and it includes prompt inventory update, personalized product selection, immediate chat assistance, convenient image details and much more. If you think these traits are very simple to follow, remember that rich images and other features are very critical to shape into responsive. You need to make sure that each and every bit of your website is responsive, otherwise it will degrade page loading time resulting in poor user experience which increase bounce rate of the site.

Easy navigational system:

It’s one of the most important factors. Every site should have intellectual representation of navigation hat leads the visitors to their destiny resulting in assured conversion. Contrary to this, if a site doesn’t have proper navigation which makes the process longer than the usual time, chances will be of visitors running away faster.

Data analysis:

There are many things involved in making your ecommerce work as you wish. Check out Google analytics of your website and other software to source out the reason behind your visitors flipping out our website to other site. Once you know the shortcoming, you will be able to implement the next policy accordingly.

Use high graphical images of your product:

High quality product images do not only help improve the loading speed but also provide a non-virtual buying experience.

Well-defined categorization:

The more organized online store the higher chance of potential conversion. A lot of times, it has been seen that buyers are leaving the site for not understanding proper categorization of the enlisted products. Organized products help buyers in searching and keep them engaged.

Proper alignment of PPC and Paid Ads with the website offers:

While putting your offers on paid ads and PPC, make sure the site alignments, colors, messages and offers are all across same. Content with no synchronization deceive visitors and drive them away as they don’t find any connection in the post and the offers.

Consistent promotion social media platforms:

The real success of your ecommerce site is when your potential consumers get easy access to your website. The best way to do it is to have consistent promotions of your brand on social media platforms. Company announcements and product launches get more appreciation on social platforms. It also enables your consumers to share your brand image on their network.

What are the quickest tips to optimize new eComemrce site in a day?

Third party platform, images and script are the crucial pillars of an ecommerce site. Whenever you’re into a new initiative, immediately look into the page responsiveness on both mobile and desktop.

Start with images. Are all the images context sensitive? Are they all right size and format? Pages with more than 50% of images never really scored well rather drive away potential buyers for slow page loading.

While images consume maximum weight of the site, multiple tags from third party platforms plays major role in slowing down your site. Now, here comes the role of a good script. Due to a lot of poorly written Javascript your site may remain unoptimized for a long time, preventing in rendering potential search result. These are the quickest formula to fix basic issues and ejoy controlling a healthy site.

The debate over enriched ecommerce website vs. faster one will remain up close to adding intuitive features to the site or not. No matter what you focus on making your eCommerce website perform there should be keep room for improving the page loading speed.

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