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Why Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate?

Posted on July 2023

The success of any business is often considered over their yearly sales. These days, marketers get tangled with many marketing tools and trends and most of them don’t even know how to get the real juice out of them. While talking about marketing tools, explainer videos are ruling the roost in the niche. But unfortunately not many businesses know the right utilization. With this marketing tool in the list many businesses can actually see their sales rate rising high.

If you’re wondering how explainer video can make your worthwhile with dizzying amount of customers to your website and conversions then you need to hook on to this post-

  • One of the major points of explainer video is the term itself- ‘Explain’er…

    When businesses invest on this tool, they explain their brand in the easiest and shortest of time. To do that, glean some vital approaches of your business that actually help your targeted audience. Chalk out how the products or service come into rescue or helpful for your consumers.

  • Chances of exponential rate of shares and exposures

    Now, if you have your videos ready to post, chances that you get most exposure from there. Posting videos on social platform like YouTube, Facebook also give you the chance to gain maximum share as sharing has become a trend. You will see most of your brand exposure is flocking in through organic shares.

  • Animated explainer videos grasp more attention and also create strong credibility through direct impacts.

    A video with lovable characters, movement and engaging scripts create an emotional attachment while encouraging them to generate empathy and trust over the brand. If the video is luring enough, it will act as a factor of brand recalling that is- the customer will have your brand in mind at the time of the purchase.

  • Explainer videos can keep your visitors glued to your site for longest time.

    Usually, visitors tend to stay on a website not more than few seconds. With an enticing explainer video on your website you can drag their staying time up till 3 minutes.

  • Almost 80% world’s population buys products from their mobile and loves to binge on watching videos.

    Experts claim that by 2018, video consumption will rise up to 70%. And the reason why it’s rising so fast is because it is easy to associate with a brand and understand the usability of the products. So it can be easily concluded that customers will buy after watching the videos.

  • Don’t get left aside

    If you’re yet to have a video incorporated into your brand marketing strategy, time is very less to ask the reason. Majority of the businesses are using this and you might be losing chunk. If you don’t know how to set a plan for explainer video, we can help you. For more details please contact at-